Lightning Style Taijutsu
Lightning Style Taijutsu
Romaji Raiton Taijutsu
English Lightning Style Body Skills
Classification Taijutsu, Elemental Taijutsu, Hidenjutsu
Rank C
Damage Type N/A
Use Style
Style Lightning Manipulation
Skill Modifiers N/A
Skill Creator
Yotsuki Raiga
Known Users
Yotsuki Clan

Skill Description

Lightning Style Taijutsu is the signature fighting style of the Yotsuki Clan. It allows the use of Lightning Chakra in conjunction with Taijutsu techniques to do damage equivalent to Ninjutsu, but with simpler and less Chakra-intensive maneuvers. This is what is known as 'Lightning Nintaijutsu'. Possession and skill within this Style is one of the necessary components in becoming eligible for Lightning Release Armor.

NOTE: Elemental Taijutsu as a Skill Mod is available at C-Rank+, but 'general' Taijutsu as well as Taijutsu that are less effective than Elemental Taijutsu are usable at D-Rank and higher.

English Name: Lightning Style Taijutsu
Style Recommendation: Lightning Manipulation and Yotsuki Clan.

STYLE NOTE: If you are not a Yotsuki Clan member, please see '+skill/show Lightning Element Taijutsu'.

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