Liquid Reformation
Liquid Reformation
Romaji Unknown
English Liquid Self Reformation
Classification Ninjutsu, Hidenjutsu
Element WATER
Rank C
Use Defense
Skill Mods Damage Resistance x2
Known Users
Hozuki Clan

Jutsu Description

"Liquid-Self Reformation" is a Ninjutsu Defense of the Hozuki Clan. By using the Hydrification Technique, a Hozuki can quickly liquify a portion of his or her body right where an attack is aimed, in an attempt to diminish the damage suffered. Dispersing the force or impact throughout his or her being, dispersing the heat of fire, and so on is the goal. If an overly-powerful attack strikes the liquified area, that part of the body may appear to "spray" or "splash" outwards, but it never really loses its connection to the rest of the body because it is the body in a liquified state, rather than normal water. The disrupted body portion reforms itself swiftly, but is unusable until then.

This forcible displacement of a portion of the liquified body has the same overall impact as sustaining a wound in a fleshly state, and is represented the same both in liquified or solidified form as damage taken.

NOTE: Attacks with the SOUND damage type can only be defended against with this attack ICly if the attack is a melee-range physical attack, such as a blade that is vibrating with sound waves to increase its cutting potential. A "sonic blast" or purely sound-based attack can NOT be defended against with this partial-liquification.

Hit Roll Dice: Nin + Sta
Style: Hydrification Technique and Hozuki Clan.
Skill Requirements: 2 D-Rank Hydrification Ninjutsu and 1 D-Rank Ninjutsu.
Skill Modifiers: Damage Resistance x2.

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