Mane of Pain
Romaji Unknown
English Mane of Pain
Classification Ninjutsu
Type Chakra
Rank D
Class Offensive
Hand Seals Varies
Known Users

Mane of Pain

Author: Ryoji
Does Damage: Yes
Stamina Cost: 100
Area Stamina Cost: 300
Chakra Cost: 200
Jutsu type: Ninjutsu
Damage Type: SHARP

This technique uses chakra to temporarily enhance the head's metabolism and rapidly manipulate the hair that grows longer as a result of it into thick bundles. The bundles are then molded roughly into the shape of spears as they are maneuvered like tendrils to pierce or slash the intended target.

English Name: Mane of Pain
Hit Roll Dice: Nin Int
Damage Roll Dice: Seal Sta
Style Recommendation: Hair Manipulation

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