Metal Release: Metal Spike
Metal Release: Metal Spike
Romaji <Japanese name written in English letters, if known>
English Metal Style: Metal Spike
Classification Ninjutsu (Kekkei Genkai)
Element Combination
Rank B
Damage Type Sharp, Fire
Use Attack
Style Metal Manipulation
Skill Modifiers Piercing, Powerful
Skill Creator
Murasame Clan
Known Users
Hit Dice
Damage Dice

Skill Description

A metallic spike is created by the Murasame and can be as long as he/she wishes it to be. The spike's size limits are half the controller's height and shouldn't be wider than two inches. The Murasame is able to manipulate the spike to pierce through the opponent's body, likely wreaking a lot of damage thanks to how large the spike could be. The Murasame relies on flinging it at the target with great speed to get through any defense, which also correlates to the amount of damage done. If it is thrown quickly, the Murasame is able to pierce through more defenses, get to the target quicker, and it will likely be a deep wound. However, thanks to the reliance on speed to get it through the defenses, the spike cannot change directions with ease and typically will travel in a straight line.

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