Micro Chakra Scalpels
Romaji Unknown
English Micro Chakra Scalpels
Classification Ninjutsu
Element Chakra
Rank A
Dmg Type Chakra
Use Attack & Heal
Known Users

Micro Chakra Scalpels

Micro-Chakra Scalpels is a Medic-Nin Ninjutsu that shows exceptional improvement over the basic Chakra Scalpel for healing purposes. It produces dozens of much smaller Chakra Scalpels that can be wielded simultaneously as flexible extensions from a normal Chakra Scalpel. This allows very finesse-oriented surgical operations that can cut and heal at multiple seperate sites without needing to move the Medic-Nin's hand more than an inch or two from a single spot throughout the entire operation. Being able to focus and multi-task to this degre is a nearly superhuman feat, even amongst ninja.

Note: This heal is an Augmented heal and requires the +useskill of the skill by the same name for two rounds prior to the use of this heal. Being hit during the two previous rounds of prep will require starting over. This mirrors a chargeable attack in game mechanics.

Hit Roll Dice: Nin + Spd
Damage Roll Dice: Seal + Sta
Skill Requirements: 3 B-Rank Medical Ninja Skills, including the Chakra Scalpel Attack and Heal

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