Minor Regeneration
Minor Regeneration
Romaji Unknown
English Minor Regeneration
Classification Special
Type N/A
Rank E
Class Special
Hand Seals Unknown
Known Users
Specific Clans or individuals and all Jinchuuriki
Kaguya Yuuka

Minor Regeneration

Certain special Clans and all Jinchuuriki have the ability to innately heal some of their wounds through various means. It is commonly an innate quality of the individual, such as a Kekkei Genkai or the partial-access to a Bijuu's Chakra enhancing healing speed, but for some Clans or individuals it may be a technique instead. This regenerative power can only be used by the person who possesses it, and the drawing of energy required to heal wounds reduces the number of attacks possible within a given time-frame. However, this limitation is less than a Healing Technique might be — and Regeneration is less effective than Healing Techniques as well!

Hit Roll Dice: Sta + Seal
Damage Roll Dice: Sta
Style Recommendation: Specific Clans or individuals and all Jinchuuriki
Skill Requirements: Kekkei Genkai unlocked or appropriate Style

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