Mirror Heaven and Earth Change
Mirror Heaven and Earth Change
Romaji Magen: Kyō Tenchi-ten
English Mirror Heaven and Earth Change
Classification Genjutsu
Type All
Rank B
Class Offensive, Counter
Hand Seals None
Known Users
Uchiha Clan

Mirror Heaven and Earth Change

The user of 'Mirror Heaven and Earth Change' decrypts a Genjutsu that has been applied to himself or herself, and then he or she casts back a technique with identical effects onto the opponent. It's a form of illusion reversal, essentially. But in order to instantly read through a technique and cast it, the Sharingan's power is necessary. As Genjutsu is initially used to confuse the enemy, this technique, which sends it right back to its caster, deals a high amount of mental damage more than anything else.

Note: This skill should ONLY be used against Genjutsu attacks. Knowingly using it against non-Genjutsu attacks is punishable with removal of the skill.

Hit Roll Dice: Gen + Int
Style Requirement: Sharingan Genjutsu
Skill Requirements: 3 C-Rank Genjutsu, Sharingan Perception, Sharingan Link, and the Sharingan III transformation.
Modifiers: Counter-only, Stamina Drain, Round Stun.

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