Mugen No Omote III
Mugen no Omote III
Romaji Mugen no Omote San
English Mask of Fantasy III
Classification Ninjutsu, Hidenjutsu
Element None
Rank B
Damage Type N/A
Use Transformation
Style None. Nogakujin Clan and the "Mugen no" path.
Skill Modifiers N/A
Stat Bonuses +3 Int, +3 Seal
Skill Creator
Known Users
Seishino Kanami

Skill Description

A Mystic Noh-men at Level 3 begins to change its appearance more noticeably. It is more brightly colored, and may display more elaborate designs on its surface. The inherent power of a Level 3 Mystic Noh-men is instant communication with other Nogakujin. As long as a fellow Nogakujin is within a dozen or so miles, a message can be passed to that person's Mask. This message cannot be heard by anyone who is not in possession of a Mystic Noh-men, and thus makes for secret and instantaneous communication between allies. Unfortunately, it is also possible for a rogue Nogakujin to eavesdrop on such communications. This is one of the reason why those leaving the Clan for any reason have their Mystic Noh-men taken away. If they leave WITH their Mystic Noh-men then they are hunted down relentlessly.

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