Naiou no Makai
Naiou no Makai
Romaji Naiou no Makai
English Depths of the Spirit World
Classification Style
Type N/A
Rank A
Hand Seals Unknown
Known Users

Depths of the Spirit World

Hosts to the Nibi bijuu are gifted with a frightening ability. The ability to give physical form to dreams and nightmares alike. To create form from simple nothingness with nothing more than the spiritual energy of the user, the root of imagination. In short, it gives tangible form to genjutsu.

What this means for those who wield the power of the Two-Tailed Demon Cat is that they can bring aspects of the spirit world to the land of the living. Things of a spectral nature are within the realms of this genjutsu style.

Note: For all intents and purposes, this style is a Nibi-Specific Style for the commonly known Yin Release element.

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