Nekomata Style Taijutsu
Nekomata Style Taijutsu
Romaji Unknown
English Nekomata Style Taijutsu
Classification Skill
Type N/A
Rank D
Hand Seals Unknown
Known Users

Nekomata Style Taijutsu

The Nekomata Style Taijutsu was born from a need to learn how to defend oneself through the inspiration obtained by the very thing that lives within the Jinchuuriki with this style. The Nibi is noted to be smaller than some of the other documented bijuu, but makes up for it by being extremely agile and having incredible power behind its movements and attacks.

With this in mind, the user of this style follows the same line of thinking while blending both normal taijutsu with that of techniques empowered by the ghost-like chakra of the Nibi. Wielding nothing but ones fists, claws and feet, powerful attacks are delivered unto their enemy without restraint.

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