Nine Lives Taijutsu
Romaji Unknown
English Nine Lives Taijutsu
Classification Other
Element None
Rank D
Dmg Type <Damage Types>
Use Other
Known Users
Rankoro Akuro

Jutsu Description

Nine Lives Taijutsu is a form of Taijutsu specialized to be able to copy the movements used in the Kemonoken Cat Fist Style and use his own variations on them. However, this does not allow the user to utilize ki in any form or fashion. The user specializes in acrobatic and aerial maneuvers, as well as striking an opponent no matter where he is standing, front, side, or even behind. To be able to do this, the user must be very flexible and agile, even able to swing his limbs and body to strike a person that is in a spot behind him that would normally be unreachable.

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