Ninjutsu Autopsy
Ninjutsu Autopsy
Ninjutsu Autopsy
Romaji Unknown
English Ninjutsu Autopsy
Classification Ninjutsu
Type N/A
Rank A
Class Supplemental
Hand Seals Unknown
Known Users
Medical Nin

Ninjutsu Autopsy

This skill involves the medical examination of a dead body. At the basic most rudimentary level it provides information as to when and how the subject died. The information provided by this particular type of autopsy greatly exceeds that of a simple physical examination. Ninjutsu autopsy examines everything on the subject, from chakra network to nervous system, to blood chemistry, to bone structure, to the nature of any wounds, both obvious and less than obvious. The purpose of this skill is two fold.

A) This skill provides information both on the manner, time, and nature of the subject's death. This includes such elements as the type of jutsu used, relative skill of the user and depending on the nature of the death things such as physical strength, size, speed, training, or the like. Experts in this skill can rattle off things such as: The subject was killed two days ago between 3:15 and 3:45 AM by a ninja using a kenjustsu. The blade was held in the left hand and was 60 cm long. The blade was typical of those used by the Kirigakure but the way the blade was used was more indicative of Sunagakure training. The attacker was roughly 165 cm tall and attacked 17 times with the blade during the combat, using several chakra based kenjutsu attacks that indicate training with the style of… Etc. Use of this skill often allows the creation of a profile of the attackers, both in skill, size, style, and ability. While not perfect for identification purposes it may point the user in the right direction many times or isolate unique jutsu use.

B) The second purpose of this skill is to isolate and identify unique justu properties of the deceased. The study of such Kekki Genkai or Bloodline abilities is one of the strongest reasons ninja go out of their way to recover the dead or make sure that no body worth inspecting is left behind. Use of this ability opens up the possibility of creating defenses specifically tailored to combat the studied bloodline abilities. This skill, while revealing secrets of the unique traits, does not allow the copying of such abilities. It is, however, the first step in attempting such efforts.

Please note: A body that is intact enough for inspection must remain. A body almost completely destroyed will provide little information for the second purpose but may still provide some information as to the method of destruction at least.

English Name: Ninjutsu Autopsy
Style Recommendation: Medic-Nin
Skill Requirements: 3 B-Rank Medic-Nin Ninjutsu, one of which must be Chakra Scalpel, plus Diagnostic Jutsu, and Medical Bio-Recording.

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