Omni Mode
Omni Mode
Romaji Unknown
English Omni Mode
Classification Transformation
Type No Element
Rank D
Class Supplementary
Hand Seals Ram, Hare, Bird
Known Users

Omni Mode

Author: Iga Clan
Stamina Cost: 50
Chakra Cost: 50
This transformation modifies the user's chakra by -35 per action.

This is the first step for those in possession of the Iga Clan kekkei Genkai to achieve "true" omniscience. In order to employ this technique, an Iga must continuously create and manipulate flesh until it encloses their entire body like a second skin. Once this is achieve, the user immediately transforms part of the underlying secondary skin into nerves that dig into body and link up the naturally nervous system while securing the secondary flesh to the body. Once the link is established, the Iga can freely create and mold the secondary skin into sensory organs that can either remain attached to the body or break apart and sent elsewhere. Unlike the natural nervous system of the body, the number and speed of the nerves running throughout are twice as powerful.

In addition to bolstering natural senses inherit in all humans. This transformation awakens the Iga to dangerously overwhelming new spectrum of perceptions only found in animals. Such as the ability to detect polarized light and electroreception among others. Aside from sensory overload, the greatest danger that comes with this transformation is the sense of pain being amplified along with others to the point that even minor wounds can incapacitate an Iga. Due to this, extensive training in stealth and/or regulation of senses is required to make full use of this technique.

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