Oni Netsugan
Oni Netsugan
Romaji Oni Netsugan
English Demon Fever Cancer
Classification Clan Trait
Type Fire
Rank D Rank
Class Supplementary Transformation
Hand Seals None
Known Users
Kuroenko Sekisetsu

The Oni Netsugan form. Part of the main reason why the Kuroenko, are considered the Demons of the ninjutsu world. The attributes of this very technique, seem to mimic something saw in the bounds of hell itself. The things that make fire identifiable as an element, translate over often into qualities that a person must access, in order to ignite the fire within their ownselves. Rage. Anger. Impatience. Desire. All of these things, coupled along with the rampant need to burn and consume, are what cause one boiling with these emotions to be set ablaze with the fire of there own chakra’s. The chakra within themselves, is set to ablaze, being converted into fire chakra without even leaving the body, the chakra itself taking on all the qualities for which fire is know for. Heat. Speed. Hunger. Fortunately enough, the genes of such a Kuroenko blood line, have made it impossible at this level for one to be consumed by the power this transformation brings upon them. But what of the mind? It is said that those who experience this form for the first time, often become rather addicted to it, the very chakra running through their system bringing the same sensation as that of a drank of wine, or even a slight sense of euphoria.

This transformation of the Kurenko is common to that Clan. But even though it is considered 'common', those who manifest it are a small portion of the Clan's population. Typically, only those who follow the old traditions of the Kurenko Clan and have a high Chakra level will gain access to this ability. The transformation augments the user's stamina — both in terms of energy and physical durability — and stabilizes the natural fluctuations of Chakra in the Kurenko's body. This improves the efficiency of Chakra use without needing to undergo intense training in mastering hand seals and mental focus. As long as this technique is active, the Kurenko's Chakra gained the Fire Nature, enhancing Fire Release jutsu but diminishing the effectiveness of other elemental Chakra Natures.

As a negative side-effect, however, the emotions and mental functioning of the Kurenko become less serious, and less focused. Concentration for long periods of time is difficult, and the heat radiating from the transformed Clan member may make him or her irritable.

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