Seal Technique: Open Mind Communication
Open Mind Communication
Romaji Unknown
English Seal Technique: Open Mind Communication
Classification Ninjutsu, Fuinjutsu
Element None
Rank C
Damage Type N/A
Use Skill
Style Seal Mastery
Skill Modifiers None
Skill Creator
Known Users
Tao Shih

Skill Description

This Seal Technique involves at least two Seals. One is placed on an individual who will act as a "control tower" for messages (often the one who knows how to place the second Seal on others), and the second Seal is placed on the one whom is to be communicated with. Once both Seals are in place, by focusing one's thoughts; touching the Seal; and channeling Chakra, one party or the other can transmit silent messages to each other via two-way Chakra-based telepathy. This is not a "mind-reading" type of telepathy, however. It only permits thoughts to be sent willingly and received willingly. The second Seal can be placed on more than one person, and thus allow multiple people to send to and receive messages from the controller. However, those with the second Seal on their bodies can not transmit to others with the second Seal — only the "controller".

NOTE: In addition to the "controller" having this skill, those bearing the second Seal >must< app it in order to make full use of it. If the skill is not on one's sheet but the second Seal has been placed on one ICly, then >only receiving messages is possible<. To have two-way communication the skill must be on the +sheet of all those involved, which represents knowing how to focus one's thoughts into Chakra and transmit them. As added benefit, if the bearer of a second Seal also has Seal Mastery, that individual can place a variant of the second Seal, referred to as the "third Seal", on one or more others, allowing the Seal Master to act as a "controller" also. In this instance, however, the secondary controller is called a "vector", due to the fact that both the vector's thoughts and the thoughts of those bearing the third Seal can be "forwarded" to the primary controller. Neither the primary controller nor the vector is obligated to receive or acknowledge the thoughts/messages of those lower on the chain of communication. The messages can be left "on hold" and perused at a later time, in any order, including simultaneously — which is equivalent to being in a room with multiple people talking at once, only in one's head. This >does< cost Chakra to use for transmitting, but not receiving.

There is a range limit on transmission/reception between controller/vector and those lower on the chain. Communication within a single country will generally work fine. Communication between two different countries that are more or less adjacent to each other is about the maximum range possible between only two people. However, by "forwarding" thoughts via one or more vectors, each at maximum range for normal communication, messages from outside normal range can still be received by someone further up the chain, all the way to the primary controller. Responses, however, can only be sent between those immediately above or below a given individual, who have received or placed a Seal from/on that person. Thus, the controller would have to send a message to a vector immediately below him or her, and then the vector would have to re-transmit the message to the vector or recipients below him or her. The controller could not communicate directly with those the vector is connected to.

No Style is needed for receiving/sending messages. To place this Seal on someone else requires both Open Mind Communication AND Seal Mastery. Otherwise, General for Tao Shih members.

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