Phalanx's Bronzed Siege Symbol
Phalanx's Bronzed Siege Symbol
Classification Ninjutsu
Rank C Rank
Class Defense
Known Users
Kuroenko Sekisetsu

It seems that Sekisetsu has never managed to shake her kleptomania. The insatiable need to collect "souvenirs", from her travels and many missions, still seeming to follow her everywhere she goes. Using scroll containment, the girl has managed to gain a new addition to the various collection of objects for use in defense against incoming attacks. There had been dozens of them on that battle field!!! A bronze shield about 4 feet long with a thickness of about inch and a half. Had something this big been actually usable in the field of battle? Wonder who had these? They seemed pretty old. Didn t matter to her.. The large octagons, weathered and slightly rusted, seem to stick out in the middle of the Dust Bowl, in Kyuusen. All the girl could see however, was the remnants of speckled gold trimming, and the large kanji for the word "fearless" that seemed to be engraved into them and then painted in red. The dented things had seen its days, thats for sure, but what was another eras waste, seemed to be younger generations salvage, and for Sekisetsu, this shield would see more fighting, if she had anything to do with it. What Seki had not known was the unique nature of theses shields. They were phalanx style, with the unique ability to interlock, to form a versatile, barrier, the size seeming to fit the situation. While cannot be hefted up and welded by the tiny girl, they can be placed as a wall to thwart her attacker.

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