Pharmacology Style
Pharmacology Style
Pharmacology Style
Romaji Unknown
English Pharmacology Style
Classification Ninjutsu/Taijutsu
Type N/A
Rank B
Class Supplemental Style
Hand Seals Unknown
Known Users
Medical Nin

Pharmacology Style

Pharmacology is a Supplementary Style for Medic-Nin. It specifically focuses on research, development, manufacture, and appropriate use of various kinds of medicinal drugs, herb-based medications, and can potentially be used to understand, create, and even counter poisons of various kinds. Enhancement drugs, including those that can augment growth of an organism in various areas — potentially even human organisms — are fully possible to be used in this style.

This can be as simple as Soldier Pills, Blood Pills, and similar, or can include chemical augmentation via gene therapies, steroids, and even more exotic uses. However, each Medic-Nin tends to focus on only one or two areas as a 'specialty'. General skill in all of the areas of ninja-level pharmacology is also possible, but leads to being less capable than a specialist.

English Name: Pharmacology Style
Style Recommendation: Medic-Nin. Counts as a Supplementary Style of Medic-Nin and thus only costs 4 XP and 1 PP if it is the first such Supplementary Style.

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