Physical Booster C18
Romaji Unknown
English Physical Booster C18
Classification supplamentary
Type None
Rank C-rank
Class transformation
Hand Seals Unknown
Known Users
Kenta Tenjin

Physical Booster C18 ——

Physical Booster C18 is the refined and enhansed product of D145 from Kenta's exparamentation. Like its predessor, C18 is derived from several plant and animal compounds. These boost the subject's physical abilities, but like before, puts a large strain on the body. It increases muscle mass by enlarging muscle fibers and enhancing neural activity between the muscles of the body and the brain. In essence, speeding the body up. This does not increase brain capacity or speed of thought, but mearly the time it takes a signal from the brain to reach the muscles. Besides a rapid fatigue of the body, side effects are mimimal.

Style Recommendation: Herbalism and Poisons Style
Skill Requirements: Physical Booster D145 transform.

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