Physical Booster D145
Romaji Unknown
English Physical Booster D145
Classification Transformation
Type None
Rank D-rank
Class Supplamentary
Hand Seals Unknown
Known Users
Tenjin Kenta

Physical Booster D145

Physical Booster D145 is the result of countless experiments with physical enhancing drugs. Through the study of organic compounds derived from certain plants, Kenta is able to synthesize a cocktail of chemicals that boost the body's ability to produce adrenaline and adenosine triphosphate gaining more strength and a faster reaction time. But this puts stress on the subject's body the longer the drug is left in the system. Kenta has devised an enzyme that will neutralize the effects of D145 and allow the body to metabolize the chemicals canceling the strength and speed increases. This particular drug shows very little side effects besides fatigue in some extreme long use cases. The drug is generally administered via a field syringe that is applied to the neck to allow for immediate results.

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