Pinpoint Turn
Pinpoint Turn
Romaji Unknown
English Pinpoint Turn
Classification Ninjutsu
Element None
Rank D
Use Defense. Block-type.
Known Users
General. Uchiha Fuyu

Jutsu Description

Pinpoint Turn is an Acceleration Ninjutsu that uses control of Chakra combined with physical dexterity to rapidly turn and block or redirect a melee-range Taijutsu strike with a weapon held in hand. The primary purpose of this jutsu is to respond to attacks from behind or other strikes that are difficult to defend against due to the DIRECTION they are coming from. This only works against either unarmed or melee-weapon Taijutsu attacks, and if one intends to block a weapon then one must have a suitable weapon of one's own already in hand. Despite the basis in Ninjutsu, speed, and Chakra control, one still must have the accuracy and potency of Chakra to stop another's physical strike. Chakra that is weak may not provide enough force to the spin. As well, if the jutsu caster has no idea he or she is under attack or doesn't know the enemy is there, then this technique is of no use. It is NOT an automatic defense, but rather a calculated attempt to prevent an opponent from landing a blow from behind or out of peripheral vision range, when the defender ALREADY KNOWS the attacker is present. A successful Stealth attack against the defender prior to attacking prevents this Defense from being used.

Hit Roll Dice: Spd + Seal
Style: Acceleration Ninjutsu.
Skill Modifiers: None.

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