Plant Release: Field of Strangling Ivy
Field of Strangling Ivy
Romaji Unknown
English Field of Strangling Ivy
Classification Ninjutsu
Type Plant
Rank A
Class Offensive/Supplementary
Hand Seals Unknown
Known Users
Tenjin Hibari

Field of Strangling Ivy

A powerful ninjutsu that combines both Earth and Water elements to create the Plant element. One of Tenjin Hibari's most powerful jutsu in her arsenal, a technique meant to control the flow of battle in her favor. By sending her 'nature' chakra into the very ground itself, she forces life to take root in the form of a mass of ivy vines that entangle anybody caught within its considerable range. Once the vines take root, they bind the target in place while at the same time draining them of their chakra. The chakra drained travels back through the roots to the user, replenishing some of their spent chakra. Once the duration of the jutsu is over, the ivy withers and crumbles into dust due to the accelerated growth involved.

This attack rolls Nin + Seal to hit. Learning this technique requires 3 B rank plant jutsu.

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