Plant Release: Field of Weeping Lilies
Field of Weeping Lilies
Romaji Unknown
English Field of Weeping Lilies
Classification Ninjutsu
Type Plant
Rank B
Class Offensive
Hand Seals Unknown
Known Users
Tenjin Hibari

Field of Weeping Lilies

An offensive ninjutsu that combines both Earth and Water elements to create the Plant element. It's one of Tenjin Hibari's favorite techniques due to the sheer beauty that it displays when brought to the field of combat. By sending her 'nature' chakra into the ground, the user causes a localized area around them to become temporarily ultra fertile and prompt the growth this technique. Moments after saturating the ground with chakra, life begins to bloom in the form of slender looking flowers with a bell shaped bulb that droops towards the ground. White in color, the stamen protrude from the bulbs and give it that bell-like quality. From there, the flowers give off a highly fragrant aroma that's also mixed with its pollen. The pollen is a highly toxic substance that when inhaled causes bouts of fatigue along with the havoc the poisonous pollen has on the body.

Considered by Hibari to be one of her more humane ways of getting rid of someone, as the victim usually slips from conciousness as if they were just falling asleep.. only to never open their eyes ever again.

This attack rolls Nin + Int to hit, and Seal + Sta for damage.

Learning this technique requires 3 C rank Plant jutsu.

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