Poison Release: Maiden's Requiem
Maiden's Requiem
Romaji Otome Chinkonkyoku
English Maiden's Requiem
Classification Ninjutsu
Type Poison
Rank A
Class Offensive
Hand Seals Unknown
Known Users
Tenjin Hibari

Maiden's Requiem

A rather uncharacteristic jutsu created by Tenjin Hibari to utilize her expertise in creating and dispensing toxic poisons. This particular jutsu employs the use of one of the most potent poisons available in Hibari's array of toxins. The slightest exposure to it is generally enough to finish the job, save for the most resillient of foes.

The premise behind Maiden's Requiem is that Hibari grants the target a somewhat 'enjoyable' last few moments alive by sacrificing her purity as a maiden and delivering a single, ultimately fatal, kiss to the victim.

Once contact is made, the poison is instantly delivered and begins to devastate the body by painlessly targeting the body's cells and destroying them. The longer the poison has to take hold, the more extensive the damage is to tissue. Cell necrosis could eventually lead to discoloring of the skin.

Lastly, during the contact between the user and the victim, the victim will be drained of a goodly portion of their stamina. Some of it even returning to the user of this jutsu and replenish some of their own strength.

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