Poison Tag
Poison Tag
English Poison Tag
Classification Ninjutsu
Rank D
Damage Type Poison, Smoke
Use Attack
Style Seal Mastery
Skill Modifiers Poison
Skill Creator
Akiyama Kenta
Known Users
Akiyama Kenta

Skill Description

Many plants and animals engage in chemical warfare with toxins created within their own bodies. A shinobi with the right knowledge can easily harvest these substances for their own ends. The paper base of a poison tag is infused with various chemicals. They remain inert until activated, making them safe to handle by the user. Various seals are painted on the tags with special inks. Some of the seals are related to those found on both explosive tags and smoke tags. Like the former, poison tags can either be set in place as a part of a trap or wrapped around a projectile. When activated, chakra runs through the seals and causes the tag to ignite. The chakra infused ink in the seals acts as a catalyst that converts the chemicals within the paper to it's toxic state. While there's a concussive component to the tag, it's effects are weak compared to an explosive tag. Instead, the controlled blast is used to spread a cloud of caustic smoke containing the toxins. Different tags can produce different poisonous effects. The most common effects tend to be nausea, topical blisters, burning of the mucus membranes, mild to severe respiratory irritation and temporary blindness.

Special Requirement: Medic Nin or Poison-Related Style to support Seal Mastery for poison in this case, though Seal Mastery IS the main style for this attack.

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