Power Release
Power Release
Romaji Unknown
English Power Release
Classification Ninjutsu, Kekkei Genkai
Element None
Rank B
Damage Type None
Use Skill
Style None
Skill Modifiers None
Skill Creator
Uchiha Hinotori
Known Users
Uchiha Hinotori

Skill Description

"Power Release" is a Ninjutsu skill unlock developed by Uchiha Hinotori that allows him to channel additional Chakra into his Sharingan and his techniques in 'bursts' in order to temporarily heighten their over-all power. The acclimation to the use of a fully-developed Sharingan that can be maintained at low-level, namely 'Sharingan III Mastered', can allow someone with sufficient Chakra and experience to force his or her full-powered Sharingan III into a sort of 'over-drive' state temporarily. Such a boosted Sharingan could hypothetically match the Mangekyou Sharingan in raw power, though without the capabilities specific to that form of Sharingan.

Ninjutsu that are already known can have variants upon them apped that employ the principles of Power Manipulation to create a 'boosted' Ninjutsu. This tends to mean that a Ninjutsu will have a greater potency but will suffer in some other area or areas due to the shift in focus. A Power Release version of Great Fireball Technique might have a much more intense flame but would travel a much shorter distance, making it nearly a meleee attack ICly.

NOTE: THIS HAS NO PARTICULAR CODED EFFECT, but it does provide IC justification for intensified versions of existing Ninjutsu. Again, the focus is STRENGTH, not making what a given Ninjutsu can accomplish ordinarily OTHER than its power do that thing better. Clone Technique will work exactly the same as always. Body Flicker Strike will hit much harder than normal, but will also have a shorter range as a result. THE POWERFUL SKILL MOD HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS SKILL.

Skill Requirements: Requires the Sharingan III Mastered transformation.

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