Precise Landing
Precise Landing
Romaji Unknown
English Precise Landing
Classification Ninjutsu
Element None
Rank D
Dmg Type N/A
Use Supplemental (Skill)
Known Users
Uchiha Fuyu

Precise Landing

This Acceleration Ninjutsu technique allows its caster to land with extreme precision after a leap or fall. This is an aid in traversing difficult terrain, surviving falls from significant heights with little or no injury, and combining the skills of Tree Walking and Water Walking to move from one type of surface to another without hesitation. The distance that one can reasonably fall without harm at D-Rank is approximately five times what a normal human could endure. To go beyond this range requires the use of tools, "platforms" that can be used for gradual decceleration, and/or greater Chakra control. Greater Chakra control would be represented by higher levels of jutsu.

Style Recommendation: Acceleration Ninjutsu or a similar General Ninjutsu Style.
Skill Requirements: None per se. General.

NOTE: Precise Landing has a Stamina and Chakra cost attached when being used to break a significant fall. When this is being attempted, type +useskill Precise Landing to be charged appropriately.

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