Predictive Strike
Predictive Strike
Romaji Unknown
English Predictive Strike
Classification Taijutsu, Kekkei Genkai
Element None
Rank C
Damage Type BLUNT
Use Attack
Style Sharingan Taijutsu
Skill Modifiers Counter, Tricky
Skill Creator
Uchiha Clan
Known Users
Uchiha Suzu, Uchiha ninja.

Skill Description

Predictive Strike is a Taijutsu technique wherein a Sharingan user can either mimic a Taijutsu attack he has seen in the past or one that is happening as it happens, the latter relying on the use of an already-active Sharingan. Due to how it's used, this attack relies on intelligence and precision versus pure speed, as it requires the Uchiha to use his intellect along with the foresight provided by his Sharingan to attack at exactly the correct moment, giving up some of the damage that the attack may normally cause in exchange for exact precision to strike and even counter through an opponent's strike to hit instead, possibly even using their own technique against them ahead of their own timing if the user's Sharingan is fully advanced.

Hit Roll Dice: Tai + Int
Damage Roll Dice: Pow + Sta
Style: Sharingan Taijutsu
Skill Requirements: Sharingan I or higher, 3 D-Rank Taijutsu
Skill Modifiers: Counter, Tricky

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