Raiden's Wolf Claw
Raiden's Wolf Claw
Romaji Unknown
English Raiden's Wolf Claw
Classification Elemental Taijutsu
Element Lightning
Rank A
Damage Type Sharp Lightning
Use Attack
Style Four Legged Lightning Style
Skill Modifiers Area of Affect, Piercing
Skill Creator
Inuzuka Taiki
Known Users
Inuzuka Taiki

Skill Description

By combining Raiden's Wolf Dance with Lightning claw and Swift Wolf Fang, the user and lightning-natured ninken of this ability begin to run circles around the victim. While doing this, they slash and attack while passing the victim at speeds equal to that used by Raiden's Wolf Dance, which effectively makes the attacks unpredictable to normal eyes. In addition, the momentum of the attack is known to force people up into the high up into the air, setting the target up for a finishing strike that has the duo driving them back into the ground, claws first. Given the speed of the attack, the penetrating nature of lightning, especially when focused into lightning claws, and the effects of gravity plus massive force, this attack threatens to overwhelm conventional barriers by overloading their ability to slow the incoming force.

Thanks to the inclusion of Raiden's Wolf Dance, their movements become so fast as to not be seen save as random arcs of lightning that zoom around the field. This allows for attacks from unknown directions despite the rather obvious signs that the power is in use. Only those with predictive abilities bordering on preternatural, such as Uchiha sharingan or similar methods, can somewhat reliably track movements more than brief time periods, though it is exceedingly difficult even then. These speeds, however, cause some difficulties to the Inuzuka wielder as well. The speeds at which the users travel outstrip those of the Garuga, which makes fighting using sight alone very difficult, wether against a single opponent or many. As a result, the user must possess dynamic marking or Inuzuka senses II to be able to use this attack. If the user does not have Inuzuka Senses II, then the skill dynamic marking must be used prior to using this attack. Furthermore, at this level of jutsu, a certain amount of momentum is required, either before or after use. As a result, Raiden Wolf Dance must be usedeither immediately prior to this attack or at the next available defense within a single combat.

Note: As the description suggests, Raiden's Wolf Dance, either Dynamic Marking or at least Inuzuka Senses II, Lightning Claw, and Swift Wolf Fang are required to gain this skill.

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