Rain Creation
Rain Creation
Romaji Unknown
English Rain Creation Technique
Classification Ninjutsu
Type Water
Rank B
Class Defensive, Supplementary
Hand Seals Tiger, Boar, Tiger
Known Users
Kyoumen Satsukiyami

Rain Creation

The ability of an expert water-user to summon a rainstorm that can detect the location and strength of an opponent's chakra.
This technique is also very useful as it wettens the area for Water Ninjutsu to be used. This is the signature Ninjutsu of Kyoumen Satsukiyami. The use of this technique creates a lingering cloud that takes small, latent chakra to maintain the link of senses with the rain. The release of this technique requires handseals as well as the initiation.
The technique is more supplementary than combat effective, primarily used to track down certain people within an area if they are not under cover. Only people who are in contact with the rain are actively tracked, breaking their contact with the water will only leave the user a general idea of where they are unless they enter the rain again.
Outside of combat, this technique can be maintained with very minimal chakra expense, but in combat it takes a bit more to focus.

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