Reinforced Seal Barrier
Reinforced Seal Barrier
Romaji N/A
English Reinforced Seal Barrier
Classification Ninjutsu
Type Block
Rank C
Class Defensive
Hand Seals Unknown
Known Users

Reinforced Seal Barrier

An upgraded form of Seal Barrier. It acts very much the same as a seal barrier, but the major difference is that the user pours more chakra and adds a few more seals to the caster to strengthen the barrier. As such, the barrier is reinforced by the user, and gives a bit more of a stronger defense. In order to fully understand how to create the barrier, one must have learned both, the Capture Barrier Seal and Seal Barrier seals. The reason being that they must understand the nature of the barrier, and how to put the chakra in without overloading the barrier, and causing it to shatter.

Hit Roll Dice: Nin + Seal
Style Recommendation: Seal Mastery
Skill Prerequisites: 2 D-Rank Seal Mastery techniques and 1 D-Rank Ninjutsu

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