Remedy Of Apothecary
Remedy Of Apothecary
Remedy Of Apothecary
Romaji Unknown
English Remedy Of Apothecary
Classification Ninjutsu
Type N/A
Rank C
Class Supplemental
Hand Seals Unknown
Known Users
Medical Nin

Remedy Of Apothecary

The medic nin uses apothecary knowledge of chemicals and medicines to identify poison within the body. It is particularly hard to master this technique without basic knowledge of ingredients, mixtures, remedies, antidotes, and potions. After summarily diagnosing the poison, the medic nin uses chakra in a series quick of pulses that gradually breaks down the poison into their basest ingredients, and continues this breaking down until it's rendered completely ineffective. The poison is so weakened that the patient's natural chakra will complete its dissolution.

Hit Roll Dice: Nin Int
Damage Roll Dice: Sta Seal
Style Recommendation: Medic Nin
Skill Prerequisites: 3 D-rank Medical Ninjutsu, including Antidote Healing Technique.

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