Rolling Thunder
Rolling Thunder
Romaji Unknown
English Rolling Thunder
Classification Taijutsu
Element N/A
Rank B
Dmg Type Blunt
Use Attack
Style Any Taijutsu Style
Skill Mods Powerful, Terrain Altering
Hit Roll Dice Tai + Spd
Damage Roll Dice Pow + Sta
Skill Creator
Known Users

Rolling Thunder

Rolling Thunder is a taijutsu technique that consists of a quick and powerful skyward leap. Then a rolling descent back down towards with the intent at the last moment being to uncurl and drive both heels down into either the chest or head of the intended target. As powerful as this combination can be, this technique often leaves the user vulnerable to counter attack. It is also inaccurate in much the same way as techniques such as 'Human Tank Bullet'.

Note: This technique is consider terrain altering only if accompanied by a C-rank or higher TF that raises power significantly, such as Gate of Opening.

Skill Prerequisites: 3 C-Rank Taijutsu Techniques

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