Sad Clown Mask
Romaji Unknown
English Sad Clown Mask
Classification Other
Element N/A
Rank D
Dmg Type N/A
Use TF
Known Users
Rankoro Akuro

Jutsu Description

These mask transformations are based on the changes in natural ability which can be brought about by extreme changes in emotion or personality. These are not the sort of alterations made possible by ordinary changes in mood, even for individuals that would be considered particularly emotions amongst the everyday populace. The require intense inner drives of the sort most often associated with pathological mental instability. Each mask correlates with a different personality and effect on the wearer's abilities.

The Sad Clown Mask brings the personality of an evil, calculative, and cowardly clown. He relies on underhanded tricks to thwart and punish his opponents. He takes his time by doing things like acting as if he is incapable of fighting to give himself the advantage in a fight and time to more effectively cast Ninjutsu. This effectively raises his intelligence and Ninjutsu ability.

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