Salamander Prison
Salamander Prison
Romaji Unknown
English Salamander Prison
Classification Ninjutsu
Type Chakra
Rank B
Class Offensive
Hand Seals Unknown
Known Users
Akuu Goh

Salamander Prison

A technique designed to force a one-on-one confrontation when facing multiple opponents. The user, using the Hiding in a Salamander Technique, will get the Salamander to draw a foe into its belly to force a one-on one attack. The Salamanders tongue, if it stirkes the target, will inexorably draw the target into the Salamander. Or, if the target is immovable, it will draw the Salamander to the target, and the Salamander will still engulf it. Additionally, inside the prison, hazardous gasses exist, able to stun the opponent for a short while unless they are able to resist. Once they are at full strength and able to escape, the user only has to look for the way out and be out of the prison.

While in the Salamander Prison, both the target and the ninja who used the technique may not be normally attacked. If the target has allies who may wish to intervene, the user of Salamander Prison should roll a Hiding in a Salamader attack in any round that they use Salamander Prison Technique if the opponents perceptions are enough to overcome the Hiding in the Salamander technique, then they may attack the hiding ninja as normal. Their attack kills the Salamander, and both the hiding ninja and the target are returned to the battlefield, where the hiding ninja may defend himself from the attack. If the targets allies just want to free the target from the Salamander, the allies may each use the YANK attack once per turn on the target to represent ingenious methods of attempting to draw the target back out of the Salamander.

Salamander Prison rolls Nin + Int to hit, and requires that the user have the Salamander Summoning Contract.

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