Sanbi Full Release
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Romaji <Unknown>
English <Three Tails Full Release>
Classification <Transformation>
Rank <S+>
Known Users

Skill Description

The final stage of the Three-Tailed Jinchuuriki's power unleashed, it is something that can happen in two ways. The first way being the host and Sanbi gain a complete understanding of one another, forming a bond in the process. When this is achieved, the full power of the Sanbi is now under the hosts command allowing the host to either take the massive form of the Three-Tailed Turtle or remain more human with partial transformations as needed and a green aura that envelops the host.

The second way, which is far less desired, is for the Sanbi to completely over control the host. This happening when the seal that holds the beast starts to weaken due to the host experience some sort of great emotional trauma or stress. If the beast escapes in this fashion, it is highly possible the host will die.

In both instances, this transformation allows for a greater increase in strength and durability, making them fiercely resistant to damage and also harmonizes further with the water element and the use of coral abilities. It also allows for use of the Jinchuriki's ultimate ability, the Tailed Beast Ball.

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