Self Diagnostic Technique
Self Diagnostic Technique
Self Diagnostic Technique
Romaji Unknown
English Self Diagnostic Technique
Classification Ninjutsu
Type Link, Psi
Rank B
Class Defense
Hand Seals Palms together
Known Users
Medical Nin, Kishi Mune

Self Diagnostic Technique

The Self-Diagnostic Technique is an ability of exceptionally well-trained Medic-Nin to diagnose irregularities in their own Chakra Networks, identify the causes, the sources, and then correct these irregularities. Generally this is used by taking a Chakra sample from a patient and then examining it within the Medic-Nin's own body, as well as attempting various methods of treating the flawed or infected sample without risking the patient's well-being. However, an alternate purpose for this jutsu is to identify when one is under the influence of a Genjutsu and to counter-act it.

This Defense counts as a Link Breaker.

Hit Roll Dice: Int + Seal
Style Recommendation: Medic-Nin.
Skill Requirements: 3 C-Rank Medic-Nin techniques, and the D-Rank skill 'Diagnostic Jutsu'.

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