Self Inflict
Self Inflict
Romaji Unknown
English Self Inflict
Classification Taijutsu
Element None
Rank E
Usage Defense
Style General
Skill Modifiers None
Hand Seals Unknown
Known Users

Self Inflict

This is the less effective academy method taught of defending against genjutsu. The target of the genjutsu has to realize they are in a genjutsu to begin with, and this is difficult with more subtle forms of genjutsu. This is up to player discretion, the defending player, as there may always be some potential clue that the defender might point to, but it can be considered bad form to use this when there really is no reason to. It would be like stabbing yourself on the off chance that there is an illusion around. As this is an academy basic skill it is E-Rank. The shock of the damage done is the reason that it can break the effect of a genjutsu although at this rank it can not actually break a stun created by a genjutsu only defend against initial attacks by genjutsu.

Hit Roll Dice: Tai + Sta
Style: General
Skill Requirements: None.

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