Sensor Style
Sensor Style
Romaji Unknown
English Sensor Style
Classification Ninjutsu
Element N/A
Rank B
Dmg Type N/A
Use Skill
Known Users

Jutsu Description

This style is used by those who do not possess a Kekkei Genkai for detecting Chakra — such as Sharingan or Byakugan — and yet are either unusually sensitive to Chakra from birth, or have trained extensively to heighten the natural ability of human beings to detect large amounts of Chakra, until this sense is much more refined, and can be used to detect, measure, and identify Chakra of various kinds — and not only in the environment, but also in living beings. This Style focuses solely on Perception-based skills and Stealth-based skills related to concealing or altering the appearance of one's own Chakra.

Skill Requirements: 3 C-Rank Ninjutsu, and the Chakra Sensitivity defense.

Important Note: To become a Sensor-Nin is not something done lightly. Merely meeting the prerequisites is not sufficient. Sensor Style costs 8 XP, the same as a normal B-Rank skill, and if it is not one's first Ninjutsu Style then it costs PP according to whether it is second, third, etc. If Staff requests logs of RP to gain heightened Chakra sensing then such may also be a requirement. Failure to provide such is grounds for denying a given application.

Additionally, Sensor Style has a different skill progression. It only requires 1 Sensor skill of a given Rank, and 2 other Ninjutsu of the same Rank, to unlock the next level of Sensor skills. Sensor-Nin skills start at C-Rank, though D-Rank skills are also appable.

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