Serpent Clone
Serpent Clone
Romaji Hebi Bunshin
English Serpent Clone
Classification Ninjutsu, Hidenjutsu
Element None
Rank C
Damage Type No damage. STEALTH
Use Attack
Style Doujouji Mask Ninjutsu
Skill Modifiers AoE
Hit Roll Dice Nin + Int
Skill Creator
Seishino Kanami
Known Users
Seishino Kanami

Skill Description

This is a more advanced form of Clone Technique which gathers a mass of serpents into the general shape of the user, and uses a Ninjutsu illusion to make the snakes appear to actually BE the ninja using this Jutsu. Rather than simply being used to take a hit, this technique is used to fool an opponent into believing the ninja is in one location, when he or she is actually in another. When the illusion is disrupted or cancelled for any reason, the snakes slither away and make their escape.

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