Shadow Blister Technique
Shadow Blister Technique
Romaji Unknown
English Shadow Blister Technique
Classification Ninjutsu
Element Shadow
Rank B
Damage Type None
Use Defense
Style Shadow Manipulation
Skill Modifiers Versatile Defense
Skill Creator
Nara Clan
Known Users
Nara Shintaro

Skill Description

This technique works off the same idea as the Shadow Blister Effect in which two shadows overlap. The Nara requires three or more shadows in order to perform this technique, either through two light sources or, making use of shadows from others around him and layering them upon each other. The end effect bringing up a strange, blacker than black, shadow.

This results in a more powerful version of the Shadow Skin technique thick enough to deflect even elemental attacks. If they do manage to break through, they are heavily weakened in the attempt to break through the multiple layers of corporeal shadow.

While the intense shadow has the possibility to invoke strange feelings on those that gaze on it for too long, it is not guarenteed, therefore not a truely useful outside of attempting to intimidate the faint-hearted.

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