Shadow Body Bind
Shadow Body Bind
Romaji Kage Kubi Shibari
English Shadow Neck Bind
Classification Ninjutsu
Element Shadow
Rank C
Damage Type Shadow
Use Attack
Style Shadow Manipulation
Skill Modifiers Powerful
Skill Creator
Nara Clan
Known Users
Nara Shintaro

Skill Description

A variation upon the Shadow Neck Bind Technique, the Shadow Body Bind Technique inflicts no damage to its target on its own. Ordinarily, the Shadow Imitation Technique is used first to paralyse an opponent, and then the Shadow Neck Bind Technique is applied as an 'extension' of the shadow that already engulfs the target. If this two-part assault is not used, and the Shadow Imitation Technique is not causing the opponent to copy the Nara's movements, Shadow Neck Bind is not possible.

However, Shadow Body Bind can be used instead to bind an opponent's body and/or limbs and restrain him or her. Because the focus is on holding a foe in place, rather than strangling an already-immobilize foe, there is no time to divert the shadows for the purposes of inflicting damage upon first contact.

This binding lasts even if the target is struck or harmed, but the duration can potentially be much shorter, especially if the target has powerful enough Chakra to resist the bindings.

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