Shadow Meld
Shadow Meld
Romaji Unknown
English Shadow Meld
Classification Ninjutsu>
Element Shadow
Rank B
Damage Type Stealth
Use Attack
Style Shadow Manipulation
Skill Modifiers None
Skill Creator
Nara Clan
Known Users
Nara Shintaro

Skill Description

Shadow Meld is one of the most difficult skills of Nara Jutsu to master. It requires the knowing of Shadow Sewing, Shadow Skin, and at least a B-Rank Shadow Transformation to be able to pull it off, as it uses the knowledge of all those skills plus more. After mastering these skills, learning how to give his shadows physical form and how to meld them onto himself for defense and to other shadows to give himself a larger area of offense, he is able to learn how to meld his body into the shadows themselves and sink down into them. This allows a quite elite stealth technique, giving the Nara the ability to hide himself inside shadows and reappear from any point inside the the radius of shadow he currently has control over. This does NOT give the ability to sink into a shadow and reappear from a shadow that is not connected to it a large distance away, as it is limited to the area of shadow that the user's current form has control over, which should increase with each transformation. Once mastered well enough to be used quickly, this can also be used as a quite effective way to dodge attacks, but the stealth portion of the jutsu MUST be learned first.

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