Sharingan Hypnosis
Sharingan Hypnosis
Romaji Sharingan Saimin
English Copy Wheel Eye Hypnosis
Classification Genjutsu
Type N/A
Rank B-Rank
Class Offensive
Hand Seals None
Known Users
Sharingan, Uchiha Fuyu

Sharingan Hypnosis

This hypnosis effect is only possible with a complete Sharingan, and allows the user to make a victim see, hear, and feel things that may not actually exist. The sight and sound are easy to make illusions of, but the sense of touch is rudimentary, and mostly is represented in terms of contrasting temperatures and simple textures. It can be used to harm the target with loud noise, bright light, or similar. It can also take away a given sense or cause pain on its own. However, it CAN also serve as a sort of "smoke screen" for other, more specific Genjutsu to be used within. It does not impact any other senses than sight, sound, and touch, and requires eye-contact to achieve. This occurs either by seeing the target or being seen by him/her.

NOTE: The specific IC effects of a given Genjutsu of B-Rank or lower — but NOT any coded benefits of those Genjutsu — can be ICly applied to a victim that has been subjected to Sharingan Hypnosis, as long as Sharingan Link is in place. Thus, a Genjutsu that can produce the illusion of a foul odor or make the Genjutsuist seemingly appear or disappear at will both could be used within one's pose, WITHOUT having to roll those Genjutsu skills on the same turn.

Hit Roll Dice: Gen + Int
Style Recommendation: Sharingan Genjutsu
Skill Requirements: 3 C-Rank Genjutsu, and Sharingan III. Can only be used while transformed. To use other Genjutsu within Sharingan Hypnosis requires the Sharingan Link skill as well, and that the Link established is a Sharingan Link.
Skill Modifiers: Multiple Attack Stun, Potent Genjutsu, Stamina Drain.

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