Sharingan III Mastered
Sharingan III Mastered
Romaji Unknown
English Copy-Wheel Eye III Mastered
Classification Kekkei Genkai
Element None
Rank D
Damage Type N/A
Use Transformation
Style No Style. Uchiha Clan only.
Skill Modifiers +1 Int, +1 Spd
Skill Creator
Uchiha Clan
Known Users
Uchiha Clan only. Uchiha Fuyu, Uchiha Hinotori

Skill Description

Once a ninja who has awakened the Uchiha Clan's kekkei genkai, "Sharingan", has gained full bloodline limit maturity in the form of three tomoe in each eye, extended use of the Sharingan may lead to the ability to maintain this transformed state with minimal difficulty. The "mastered" Sharingan is only available to those with a fully-matured Sharingan who are also members of the Uchiha Clan. Even amongst these individuals, Mastered Sharingan tends to be rather uncommon. The benefit of Mastered Sharingan has more to do with energy conservation than increased ability. As long as an Uchiha's Sharingan is 'held in check', regardless of its level of development, the degree of enhancement it provides is limited to the amount of Chakra flow to the transformed eyes.

In the end, maintaining one's Sharingan non-stop for essentially 24 hours every day without interruption of any kind is not a tremendous advantage for most Uchiha, as they have little cause to keep their eyes empowered in this fashion. The Mastered Sharingan was developed during the rigours of the Clan Wars, as the Uchiha could be attacked at any point, without warning. There are very few still alive who not only developed their Sharingan to this degree but also actively make use of it in day-to-day life now that the Clan Wars are over.

NOTE: What Mastered Sharingan does is allow any jutsu specific to or requiring the A-Rank Sharingan transformation, "Sharingan-III", to be used while only using this D-Rank transformation. Mastered Sharingan provides stat bonuses equal to other D-Rank transformations. Its allows access to skills dependent on a higher-level TF while only spending energy as per a D-Rank TF. In order to use the "three-tomoe" Sharingan at its FULL power one must still use Sharingan-III, with its A-Rank costs. Possessing Mastered Sharingan allows a character to ICly have Sharingan active continuously without strain if the player desires. However, this DOES mean that at LEAST for the first round of combat, if combat is begun unexpectedly or suddenly, the Uchiha MUST transform directly to Mastered Sharingan and wait until the NEXT round if he or she wishes to transform to a stronger version. In terms of appearance, Mastered Sharingan is ICly a paler red than any of the other levels of Sharingan, indicating the level of Chakra going to it is rather low.

Skill Prerequisites: Sharingan III

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