Sharingan Sharp
Sharingan Sharp
Romaji Sharingan Surudoi
English Copy Wheel Eye Sharp
Classification Taijutsu, Kekkei Genkai
Element None
Rank D
Damage Type SHARP
Use Attack
Style Sharingan Taijutsu
Skill Modifiers Counter
Skill Creator
Uchiha Clan
Known Users
Uchiha Tsugumi

Skill Description

"Sharingan Sharp" - This Sharingan Taijutsu attack represents a Sharingan-wielder's proficiency in using the Sharingan in combination with a blade or shuriken to precisely identify and then strike at an opponent and potentially their weak points as well. It is highly adaptable, with the maneuvers differing depending on the weapon being used, the range, the environmental conditions, and the angle of attack. It can be used to counter incoming attacks from others as well, slipping through their guard and striking at them before they can land a blow. The Sharingan must be active to use this skill.

Hit Roll Dice: Tai + Int
Damage Roll Dice: Spd + Sta
Style: Sharingan Taijutsu
Skill Requirements: Sharingan I
Skill Modifiers: Counter

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