Shippodoku Shamanism
Shippodoku Shamanism
Romaji Unknown
English Shippodoku Shamanism
Classification Skill, Kekkei Genkai
Element None
Use Skill
Style None
Known Users
Shippodoku Shamans
Shibata Akina

Skill Description

Though many of the roles of the forgotten Shippodoku Shaman were that of your typical shaman, seperating from the rest of their clan had led to them to rely on ailments along with curing them. Masters of curing the dangers of the wild, they first had to understand what it was they were curing. Those with this style have a strong grasp on the herbs and animals in their natural habitat and with a little bit of research or studying, they can pick up on what can or can't be used. The knowledge usually revolves around using certain parts of an animal or plant in order to create poisons or hallucinatory drugs… which are often used on oneself to contact the spirits. This Style allows access to typical harmful poisons, along with ones that cause hallucinations. These practices were performed by a sect of what is now called the Shippodoku Clan, the practices were put behind years ago by the Shippodoku of Sunagakure even before the formation of the Hidden Village.

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