Shurin Kung Fu
Shurin Kung Fu
Shurin Kung Fu
Romaji Unknown
English Shurin Kung Fu
Classification Taijutsu
Element N/A
Rank C
Class Taijutsu Style
Hand Seals N/A
Known Users
Shinji, and Jynn

Shurin Kung Fu

This particular form of kung fu was developed by the Sung Family in the Southern Lands (China for Narutoverse). This style is only taught to those of the family and possibly to others who has managed to uphold the style's honor as well as the family's honor. This is a Chi-enhanced Taijutsu style, which will utilize chi-enhanced strikes later in the style.

With this style, the user is able to hit with precise strikes with speed and power behind them. The blows are meant to be physically powerful at either long or short range, allowing the user to heavily damage their opponent. The defenses of this style are as versatile as the offensive. The user is able to block, counter, parry, or just dodge away from their opponet only to stay within striking range.

Practitioners of this style learn how to anticipate their opponents, which allows them to be able to attack and defend better. To the practicioner it seems that the mind slows, allowing them to be able to experience whats happening in the fight as its going on. Now once the user is able to get the basics of the style. They can then begin learning more of the advance applications and techniques, which allows the user to use more heavier impacting strikes and defensives as well as chi techniques.

The Chi techniques are what makes the style sacred. The higher echolons of this style focus on Positive Chi. One can't fully utilize this style without being able to use Positive Chi. Once the user is able to harmonize with him or herself. The higher levels of this kung fu style will then become unlocked.

NOTE: If you want to learn this style please talk with Shinji about learning it.

Style Recommendation: To use any Chi capabilities with this Style requires Positive Chi Mastery style.

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