Silent Communion
Silent Communion

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English Silent Communion
Classification N/A
Type General
Rank D
Class Support
Known Users
Maneshi Shemri

Silent Communion

This skill permits an individual to silently communicate with one or more non-human animals by controlling the emission patterns of one's Chakra. Generally, only animals that have some form of rapport with the user — such as a lot of time spent in his or her presence — can properly interpret the patterns, and the animal must also be sensitive to Chakra in the first place. Thus, an animal that is not ninja-trained or specially bred would be completely unaware of the Chakra emissions in the first place.

Likewise, human beings — even those with Chakra Sensitivity — will remain ignorant of the emissions without some form of augmentation — whether that be a Kekkei Genkai, a machine, Sensor-nin training, or something else — due to how weak the emissions are. As long as the animal with a rapport is within line-of-sight, or other appropriate sense, Silent Communion costs no Chakra. In such an instance, the ninja is merely altering the patterns of his or her Chakra without projecting it, so the emissions are internal. If the animal or animals are at a distance, however, then the emissions must be sent at range, which costs an increasing amount of Chakra the further away the intended recipient is. Being at a high point in the terrain, natural or artificial, augments the range of this technique at reduced cost, similar to a radio tower.

NOTE: This only works with NON-HUMAN ANIMALS. Communicating with other humans in this manner in a meaningful fashion would require more complex emissions than are available at D-Rank.

Style Recommendation: Any non-elemental ninjutsu style, rapport with one or more chakra-sensitive animals.

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