Single Kodachi Iai
Romaji Unknown
English Single Kodachi Iai
Classification Taijutsu
Type Sharp
Rank D
Class Offense
Hand Seals Unknown
Known Users
Tenjin Kenta

Single Kodachi Iai

This is essentially an iaijutsu strike or battojutsu strike using a single kodachi. The user slightly bends forward, bringing the left or right hand to the hilt of the kodachi while assessing their opponent. When the right time approaches, the user acts by moving forward at a fast pace, unsheathing the kodachi, attacking, and resheathing when finished. This is a modification of the basic kenjutsu in Yotsuki Yuusuke's Twin Lightning Kodachi Style considering it does not incorporate the element of lightning yet or uses two kodachi.

This attack uses Tai/Spd to hit and Pow/Sta to damage.
This attack requires the Kenjutsu style.

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