Six String Swords
Six String Swords
Romaji Unknown
English Six String Swords
Classification Ninjutsu
Element Sound
Rank C
Damage Type Sound Sharp
Use Attack
Style Sound Manipulation
Skill Modifiers Tricky Counter
Skill Creator
Yamayuki Clan
Known Users
Yamayuki Nozomi

Skill Description

Like the three string sword, this skill produces invisible blades made of sound, enhanced by chakra, and raised in intensity by the mould of sound and chakra to produce a sharp edge. However, instead of one blade, two blades are formed that are honed to katana-level sharpness, producing a very real and very solid set of dual blades that are then directed by the use of the Yamayuki clan's ability to manipulate sound to attack a single opponent in any way a normal sword would be. This produces an attack that is very hard to sense to avoid since the blades move at speeds approaching the speed of sound and are invisible, seeming to only be distortions in the air moving toward a target and making it hard to determined their true location, shape, and size. Users with enough practice in this skill can call up these blades at a moment's notice with just a few notes, allowing the blades to be used as a counter attack by going through or around an opponent's attack to disrupt it and strike them instead.

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